Friday, June 22, 2012

Cute Organizers


I believe those who love cute stationery would love to have these too.. Here are some cute Organizers. These ones are mostly collected not only for their cuteness, but they will make your stuff even tinier. Sometimes, when those stuff organized well in cute places, i don't even dare to touch them!! (afraid of making some mess..). Just put them as display accessories.

Ssst.. would it be nice if you can collect them all? well, this could be an idea for you, especially the creative ones, if you would make them by yourself. (I'd love to make some, too...)

Let's check them one by one...

This one's used mostly for crafting stuff; Deco Tape, Pins, Needles, and many more. When adjusted in your table, it would be lovable like this....

TARAAAAAAA.......! Yippy yeaay yippy yo... Isn't it wonderful? Definitely, Yes! I Love it!!
The combination of colors sooooo attractive and eye catching. Anyone who loves Vintage theme, would put this on first place in decorating your table. Hmmmm..... can't wait to see others, let's continue...

This floating tea tin excuse nothing except cuteness!!
Your book will look more cutie on this circle moving table. Awesome!
Easy to search files on Files Separator
This crafty board is handmade! Love to have it on your wall..
What so cute about this thing is that it multi-functioned, both as organizer and wall decor
Don't miss a single letter, Lady!

Whew... I'm speechless, dear. They are all sooo GORGEOUS!

Don't miss my next posting on this Cute Organizers.... See yaa!

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