Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's New..?

What a long time not seeing you guys..
Been in holiday and some break days (or month, hehe) makes quite a big space, huh..
Yes, a couple months ago I need a break and quite enough rest because of the health matters. And surprisingly, I'm going to have a baby, Again!! yeeaayy!!.
That's why, whenever i tried to do things, such online etc., it was always stopped by the pregnancy symptoms (natural though, but really bugging). So I decided to totally stop my routine for a while.

Well.. I'm back now and ready to share great stuff with you guys..
I've already get the upcoming items I've promised you before, even more!!
Can't wait to see them, let's find out...

1. Delicious Diary

This Cute diary from @EnoGreeting makes your day more colorful. The simple design with the word of "Delicious dot" and really eye catching cover, definitely accompanied your task more attractive. Available in Colors; Reddish, Yellow, Blue, Grey, and Brown. The thick size of the diary, get you more comfortable in creating many stories to tell.

Size L: 16,8 cm, W: 10,7 cm, Thickness: 2,2 cm
Price IDR 35000

2. Love Diary

Confused to buy your loved ones a gift? This one may fit you, Love Diary with cute design inside. Very lovable!

Cover Color; White and Red
Design; Two side book
Price IDR 18000

3. Eiffel Post It

Ahhh.. this Eiffel post it ready to decorate your wall, book, diary, and work desk...

Size 90mm x 60mm
Color Pink, Yellow, Blue, Tosca
Price IDR 10000

4. Cloud Memo

This is a cloud memo shaped with retro design. Available in 4 options as seen on picture.

Price IDR 18500

5. Natual Gum Mini Memo Card

size when opened

Mini memo card with Gum shaped with 4 available colors looks very cute. Put your friends a surprise by giving them mini memo using this memo card. Just simply put it on their desk and let them think that someone has given them a gum..!! Very very cute.

Colors: Red, Orange, Blue, and Green
Price IDR 8500

6. Burn it Post it

Another awesome shaped of post it notes, Burn it. Hey, it's definitely not an ordinary note. Designed with burn paper, this note presents you 4 different type; Map, Line, Air Mail, and Blocks. Which one do you prefer?

Price IDR 10000

7. Picnic Paper Pencilbox and Cute Face Pencilbox

Ready to organize your stuff in this pencil box? You bet! I present you these picnic paper pencilbox and cute face pencilbox. Choose anything you'd like most!

Price IDR 25000

8. Love Cat Pencilbox

So, this one is another type of cute pencil box, especially for cat lovers, you should collect it for sure!

Price IDR 30000

Well.. that's a Rub for now!
I'll bet they are all really attractive and cute.. don't worry! They are ready for you to collect!

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