Friday, June 22, 2012

Cute Organizers


I believe those who love cute stationery would love to have these too.. Here are some cute Organizers. These ones are mostly collected not only for their cuteness, but they will make your stuff even tinier. Sometimes, when those stuff organized well in cute places, i don't even dare to touch them!! (afraid of making some mess..). Just put them as display accessories.

Ssst.. would it be nice if you can collect them all? well, this could be an idea for you, especially the creative ones, if you would make them by yourself. (I'd love to make some, too...)

Let's check them one by one...

This one's used mostly for crafting stuff; Deco Tape, Pins, Needles, and many more. When adjusted in your table, it would be lovable like this....

Upcoming Items

Hi semua..

(This time i use Bahasa hehe)

Just info untuk barang-barang yang mudah-mudahan segera hadir di stationery-que, ini list nya (biar bisa dikecengin dulu...)

Check out yaa....

Yang suka koleksi stamp, di bawah ini wajib dikoleksi; ada cherry garden stamp, pony brown stamp, dan Mr.& Mrs. Stamp. Lucu banget buat ngehias diary kamu...
Cherry Garden Stamp (8 pcs)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pony Brown Stationary Series

Hi dear stationery lovers...

I've googling some articles about cutest stationery ever these days and found this world famous brand form Korea, Pony Brown. Aaaah they are so awesome right..? Are you one of a fan? no wonder, cause they products ultra cute and unique.. Here are some of my findings..

PB - Big Stickers

PB Counter @HK LOG-ON