Monday, June 18, 2012

Pony Brown Stationary Series

Hi dear stationery lovers...

I've googling some articles about cutest stationery ever these days and found this world famous brand form Korea, Pony Brown. Aaaah they are so awesome right..? Are you one of a fan? no wonder, cause they products ultra cute and unique.. Here are some of my findings..

PB - Big Stickers

PB Counter @HK LOG-ON

PB - Card Holder
PB Diary
PB - Tags

PB - Name Tag
PB - Planner
PB - Planner

PB - Stamps
PB - Stickers
PB - Sticky Notes

The cute characters mostly appear, shown a little girl with positive attitudes to motivate others. She is called as MyliPu (My Little Friend-Pu in English means Friend). Words you'll find in this character are quite inspiring, motivating, and encouraging (to me, mostly).
The creative ideas are coming from Mr. Oh as the designer. The name Pony Brown itself coming from Mr. Oh's zodiac (which is horse or Pony) and brown which is his favorite color. Together with Mr. Lee, they established this brand in 2008.

Having become one of the most famous creative brand especially in stationery, many fans are craving for collecting their products. Too bad, we may get some difficulties in finding their products offline in Indonesia's market. But hey, the good news is that, I presented some of them in front of you... YEAAAY..!

Items available in my store is;
- Little talk sticky notes
- Stamps
- Planner (Yesterday and Today, Always Smile)

Hope to complete the collections, soon!

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