Saturday, May 26, 2012

Staple Not Stapler

The uniqueness about this thing is not only you can gather two papers or so easily, but incredibly, you won't loose any contents. Besides, you will free from getting hurt by the contents and so just like you usually experienced with ordinary stapler. Wow.. makes your task going easier, right? With variant of colors, this stapler will definitely help your busy days...

Always Smile Organizer

Aaaaahh.. this tiny cute organizer really fell your heart into it. Imagine, you can jot down every single little thing you like. Your daily routines, your business stuff, your school task, EVERYTHING!  Most amazingly part is that this organizer has monthly and yearly planner with no date written...yeeayy.. so it's very flexible to you to write everything's down without worried by the date. COOL huh..? 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This cute bookmark surely will brighten your days especially while reading your favorite books. Or maybe you can motivate your study by putting them on your subjects book. While stressing out with the task, take a glance to this bookmark.

IDR 5,000

D Day 100 Calendar

Punya suatu resolusi atau tekad untuk mencapai sesuatu pada 1-3 bulan mendatang?
Menyelesaikan skripsi? Kursus memasak? Menurunkan berat badan? Menabung untuk membeli kamera atau ikut tur ke luar negeri?
Desain kalender D Day yang bagus serta praktis ini dapat membantu mencatat hal-hal yang perlu dilakukan (to-do) dan perkembangan kamu selama ini sehingga kamu bisa lebih termotivasi untuk menyelesaikan apa yang kamu inginkan. 

IDR 10,000

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Natural Ornament Letter Set

Letter set ini berisikan 2 amplop, 4 kertas surat, 1 lembar kertas ornament (berisi 8), dan 1 gulung tali. Amplop berukuran 10.5 x 14 cm, sedangkan kertas surat 13 x 18 cm. Semua tulisan dalam amplop dan kertas surat dalam bahasa Inggris.

IDR 40,000

Le Petit Prince Organizer

Tokoh Le Petit Prince menjadi tema organizer yang satu ini. Tulis to-do list dan jadwal mingguan kamu di sini. Terbuat dari bahan karton yang tebal, organizer ini cocok untuk pelajar, mahasiswa, karyawan atau pengusaha sekalipun. Le Petit Prince Organizer didesain agar bisa dipasang dengan posisi berdiri seperti kalender meja.

Ukurannya yang kecil (120 x 205 mm) menjadikan Le Petit Prince Organizer sebagai teman yang cocok untuk mengingatkan kamu supaya semua kerjaan, tugas atau PR kamu bisa selesai.

IDR 50,000

Cookie Girl Post-it

This one is Cookie Girl Post-it. Doesn't mean that we can only use them for cooking stuff. It's up to your creation! See below pictures, they are awesome right?
Suitable to put in your agenda, organizer, or simply to leave notes for your friends or beloved ones. 

IDR 12.000

Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Our Products

Hi uniquers..

This is my first post, and i am about to introduce cool stuff for a start, yeeeay!
For those who love cute stationery, these ones are absolutely must have items to collect. YES! They are so cool, you name it! No doubt you have to own them all. 

What's sort of them, check out y'all

Le Petite Organizer

Masking Sticker

Always Smile Organizer