Monday, October 15, 2012

Organizer Lovers

Dear stationery collectors...

As an organized person (nod if you think you are, too, *grins), i'm a kind of person who is "everything-always-listed". Traveling, housekeeping, learning, studying, exercising, even cooking are such activities that need the list most important. That's why, i always have my notebook accompanied. Well, today, everything's lot more easier since there are variations in making our listing is easily noted. We could see the development of the listing equipment tools such as; books, computers, netbooks, ipads, and many others.

Hmmm.. specifically, the books are still the most favorite item for making the notes. But somehow, we often feel disturbed when the notes are suddenly missing in urgent time, get easily bored when the notes are out of dated (in looks, forms, or design), even feel frustrated when we forgot where the notes are written.. Hahaha.. simple problems but a Big mess, isn't it?

Well..... NOT AGAIN!! Since now and today, stationery_que is providing better solution in making your notes are easy to remembered, easy to carried-out, eye catching, and very attractive (soooo diplomatic and commercialized, hoho). Let's get on the pictures...!!

Mr. Babba with 4 colors available

Air Mail Organizer

A Bright New Day

Mini Mate Diary ORI

You could search for more pictures and details here.

That's not all, dears..

We also provide some new schedulers. The schedulers are mostly designed for table accessories because they look like both calendar and agenda. Well, they will very suitable for listing the activities on cooking, studying, or mapping. Here are the pics..

It's the color version of the former Le Petit Prince Scheduler

When adjusted on the table

Long Scheduler

When adjusted on the table

You may find the details, here.

Whohoooo... very very attractive, right? Don't forget to visit our other pages for more lovely details, infos, and of course, hot deals.

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