Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Things but Big Things

Why we often forgot to maintain simple things that matters big..? Is it because their form which are tiny and little so we often don't pay attentions to take care of them? or is it simply because their unnecessary function that makes us ignore them?

Don't be too sure, guys.. sometimes simple things cause a big effect on us. No pen inside our bag when we go to school, not even pencils or erasers.. though you can replace them by using your gadget, but accidentally you need them. Even urgent files can be screwed up just because you don't gather them by a single tiny clip!!

To my experience (well, comparing with people around me who are less concern on tiny things like that) I always saved by the bell especially on urgent matters. And from that i conclude that when people are trying to care about little, simple, and tiny things.. they will surely helped on big things. People who used to deal with little matters, will get used to big matters easily.. hmm simple theory I have on my own. Hopefully it works on you, too!

Ahhh... i've got some tips on how to get used on maintaining simple things without feeling disturbed or complicated. Check this out!

1. Make sure that everything's placed in order or at least always put everything on its place.
2. Make a list on your things (if necessary) and put it on your wall, so it's visible for you everyday to check them when one of them is missing.
3. Try to appreciate every tiny little thing you own. One pencil your friend borrowed is worth to get it back when your friend's done with it. It doesn't mean you're stingy or something, consider it as one way for you to start appreciate your belongings.
4. Own things that easy to remembered, easy to carry, and attract you. That way, will always reminds you on them when they're not on your hand. (excluded for things that are already lost, in this case, let go of them hehe).
5. Don't buy things with same type in big quantity at once. It usually will make you easily forgot that you have them. Be loyal on what you have as long as they are functioned properly.
6. (the tips will automatically increase along with our experience, hey, you can add them by yourself too, and share it with me..)

I'll be back soon on simple things we have here on stationery_que that might be very useful for you.. and of course.. very unique and cute...!

See ya around, guys...

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